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6 features every luxury condo should have

Most people think that luxury condos stand out simply because of their price tag, but it’s much more complex. Compared to a standard unit, a luxury condo (and the building itself) can come with a variety of features, from high-quality finishes to top-of-the-line appliances, that boost its value further and justify the price.

With luxury condos for sale in San Diego continuously growing, it can be a challenge to make your property stand out from the competition. Here are seven features that can make your condo even more luxurious and, as a result, attract even the most discriminating buyer.

  1. Herringbone or chevron-patterned floors
  2. Make the floors of your luxury condo stand out by replacing it with herringbone or chevron-patterned flooring. Their only difference lies on how the ends of the pieces are cut, but they both produce a woven effect that is chic and stylish, livening up any space.

    You can use these patterns on hardwood and just about any material, even marble. You need to find, however, a skilled professional for the installation, which can also take a fair bit of time. Every second is worth it though, once the entire project is done.

    If herringbone or chevron-patterned floors are too adventurous for your taste, you can experiment with the traditional parallel layout. Instead of opting for narrow planks, ask your designer to choose extra-wide ones, at least three-and-a-half quarter inches (or even more). The end result is an industrial-chic space anyone would love to have in their condo.

  3. Dedicated child-friendly spaces
  4. If you want your luxury condo to appeal to a wider market, consider adding child-friendly spaces to your unit. It can come in the form of a cozy play nook, but it’s even better if you can add a playroom.

    Although there are many family-friendly attractions in San Diego, parents (or their guardians) can’t take the kids there all the time. Having a playroom adds a valuable amenity to your condo— one that’s safe and can be filled with parent-approved toys and features.

  5. More marble

    To others, marble might seem outdated and passe. The truth is quite the opposite. Marble has made a comeback with top designers and can greatly boost the value and desirability of any luxury condo.

    Marble can be used anywhere. For the kitchen, it can be paired with stainless steel appliances for a modern-meets-classic look. As for the bathrooms, you can cover the entire space with marble if you like.

    Marble from Carrara, Italy remains the top marble of choice. Its grey veins lend some great visual texture. But if you want a more subtle and less showy kind of marble, Bianco Dolomite from Turkey is a more contemporary and softer option.

  6. Climate-controlled storage
  7. People like to collect a lot of things. Some collect vintage wine and whisky, others luxury bags and other goods. And these types of collectors want the kind of storage where their prized possessions can remain organized and protected from different kinds of elements.

    Cater to this need by installing controlled storage in your luxury condo, such as wine lockers, walk-in closets with humidifiers, and more.

  8. Smart home tech
  9. Nothing beats the convenience of controlling the temperature of your condo with the touch of your fingertips, even if you’re miles away, or simply getting out of bed to draw the curtains.

    Make your luxury condo a smart and luxurious home by installing handy tech such as remotely controlled thermostats and central tablets where homeowners can just about do anything, from turning the music on to researching recipes for tonight’s dinner party.

  10. A home office
  11. As more people are working remotely, cafes and co-working spaces can easily fill up with busy professionals. Everyone’s jostling for internet bandwidth, electric outlets, and good spots to get into the grind.

    You can eliminate that need by adding a home office in your luxury condo, complete with an ergonomic desk and storage, and some space where future homeowners can place their own work effects. Don’t forget to make sure your condo is outfitted for reliable and high-speed internet connection.

    It’s challenging to bring work back home, so having a dedicated space for work also helps establish boundaries or, as some people would say, work-life balance.

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