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Condo spotlight: Unparalleled luxury at 41West

Want to experience the highest level of luxury as you explore high rise condos for sale in San Diego? Head to Fifth Avenue and marvel at 41West, one of the newest luxury developments in the city. Construction of 41West just wrapped up in 20...

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A guide to San Diego’s trolley stations

When you live in San Diego, you simply have to master how to navigate the city via the trolley. It’s one of the best ways to get around! It’s also one of the oldest of its kind in the country and, with three lines and 53 stations, an effi...

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6 features every luxury condo should have

Most people think that luxury condos stand out simply because of their price tag, but it’s much more complex. Compared to a standard unit, a luxury condo (and the building itself) can come with a variety of features, from high-quality fin...

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Condo checklist: Things you need to inspect

If you want flexibility, access to amenities, and getting to live in some of the best locations in San Diego, vertical living by means of a condo is the way to go. But just like with any other real estate property, you must keep a discrimi...

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Must-Visit Amusement Parks in San Diego

Looking for fun things to do in San Diego? You're in luck because San Diego County is home to a plethora of amusement parks, zoos, and aquariums that kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy. If you want something more adventurous th...

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Your Guide for Investing in a Luxury Real Estate

Investing in San Diego's luxury real estate market can be a lucrative endeavor—if done correctly. But before making any purchases, you need to know the ins and outs of the local market and the buying process. And if you want the best res...

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