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Your Guide to San Diego Freeways

San Diego has everything you need – and a few things you can do without, including rush hour traffic. The metro has one of the most developed road systems in California. But as the population grows, traffic has also become an issue part...

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How to Successfully Sell Your Luxury High-Rise Condo

Selling a condo is not the same as selling a house. Although there are quite a few common elements, buyers who choose a condo often have different needs and homeownership goals than those who choose a house. Selling a luxury property – ...

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Moving into a High Rise? Follow These Tips

You've finally made your dream of buying a condo in San Diego a reality. Now it's time to move into your new home. Relocating is never easy, but moving into a high rise for the first time presents added challenges. You not only have to...

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The Best Golf Courses in San Diego Today

There are over 80 golf courses in San Diego today, including exclusive resorts and daily fee facilities. Golf has become so popular in the city that these golf courses are now considered some of the most sought-after San Diego tourist attra...

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Must-visit: The USS Midway in San Diego

The USS Midway is a 20th-century aircraft carrier docked permanently in the Embarcadero waterfront in San Diego. Renowned as one of the longest-serving aircraft carriers in America, it is now a floating museum that attracts thousands of ...

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Great Upgrades that Add Big Value to Your Condo

Condos are some of the most highly sought-after properties in San Diego today. However, you can still face some challenges in selling a condo in the city. Not only will you have stiff competition from other resellers, there’s also a pleth...

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