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New Construction

I am proud to offer experienced guidance to buyers who are specifically looking to purchase a newly constructed luxury condominium in San Diego.

As a buyer, it is extremely important to understand the value of new construction in the overall context of the San Diego market, as well as the relationship of each new building in regards to the surrounding neighborhoods.

As a buyers agent representing you in the new construction process, my fiduciary duty is exclusively dedicated to you. My job is not only to ensure that you understand what you are signing and the way that the contract operates, but also to stay on top of pricing and additional incentives that the developer might be offering. Having worked extensively in the past for real estate developers, I am very well versed on this market and here to represent only your best interests.

Many buyers do not realize that the developer pays my commission, so you do not pay any additional cost to work with a new home sales expert. And since you won’t get a better price by choosing to give up your representation, it is only an advantage for you to make use of my years of experience and service.